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Marcella Uchoa is a world record breaking paraglider from Brazil. She first studied to be a marine biologist, and got her master’s degree with a focus on sharks. In 2010, when she was 22 years old, she first did a skydiving in tandem and fell in love with flying. She started paragliding soon after. Now she is a professional paragliding pilot and instructor.

Claiming Her 457km Record

On claiming a record of 457 km distance to goal, Marcella Uchoa: I just counted days to be there

FAI has received the Paragliding both World and South American record claims of 457 km Straight distance to a declared goal – Brazilian pilot – Marcella Pomarico Uchoa – flew in Brazil on October 14, 2022.


 4 Women’s World Records on a flight that lasted 10 hours (distance online straight – 410.72 KM, declared distance – 377 KM, distance with three points – 412.3 KM) 2018 distance declared – 457KM in 2022.

 4th Place Women’s Campenato World paragliding fai, Macedonia 2019 and Argentina 2021.

 First Brazilian Woman to be champion of the women’s category of a stage of the Paragliding World Cup, Andradas 2019.

 Runner-up General in the Copa Brazil Sport, Baixo Guandu, ES 2020.

 Women’s Paragliding World Cup Serbia stage champion and 19th place overall 2021.

 Four-time Brazilian Champion and 4th overall (among men) in the Brazilian paragliding ranking 2022.

Marcella Uchoa- Site Official.

Interview with Marcella Uchoa

Marcella Uchoa | Ozone Paragliders


Cloudbase Mayhem Podcast

Episode 92- Marcella Uchoa and breaking the Women’s World Record

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Wanting is a friend of discomfort and a partner of limits.

Marcella Uchoa


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