Svetlana Romashina

Svetlana Alekseyevna Romashina (Russian: Светлана Алексеевна Ромашина, IPA: [svʲɪˈtɫanə rɐˈmaʂɨnə]; born 21 September 1989) is a Russian competitor in synchronised swimming who boasts 41 total gold medals from competing in four Olympic Games, seven world championships and six European championships. She never placed lower than first at any of these events. She added two more golds in the 2020 Summer Olympics breaking all medal-count ties and becoming the most decorated athlete ever in her sport.

After leading the Russian Olympic Committee squad to victory at the Tokyo Games, Romashina announced the end of her Olympic career.

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Winning Gold at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Winning Gold at the Rio 2016 Olympics


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