Samin Nosrat

Samin Nosrat (Persian: ثمین نصرت, /səˈmin ˈnʌsrɑːt/,[1] born November 7, 1979) is an American chef, TV host, food writer and podcaster.[2][3]]

She is the author of the James Beard Award–winning, New York Times Bestselling cookbook Salt Fat Acid Heat and host of a Netflix docu-series of the same name.[4][2][5][6] From 2017–2021, she was a food columnist for The New York Times Magazine.[7][8] Nosrat is also the co-host of the podcast Home Cooking.

In 2000, as a sophomore in college, Nosrat ate dinner at Chez Panisse and immediately applied to work there as a busser.[9] She eventually worked her way up to the restaurant kitchen, becoming a cook and working with Alice Waters, who described her as “America’s next great cooking teacher.”[2][7][10]

After leaving Chez Panisse, Nosrat worked in Italy and then other Berkeley-area restaurants.[14] She worked as a sous-chef and took catering jobs before starting to teach private cooking classes in 2007.[15] She has said that she soon felt that a television show would be a more efficient way of teaching; however, it would be years before that would happen.[16]

She later worked with Michael Pollan, and was included in his book and the 2016 Netflix documentary television series Cooked as “the chef who taught Michael Pollan how to cook”.[17]

Source: Samin Nosrat – Wikiwand

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