Jenny Holzer

Jenny Holzer has presented her astringent ideas, arguments, and sorrows in public places and international exhibitions, including the Venice Biennale, the Guggenheim Museums in New York and Bilbao, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Her medium, whether a T-shirt, plaque, or LED sign, is writing, and the public dimension is integral to her work.

Starting in the 1970s with her New York City street posters and continuing through her light projections on landscape and architecture, her practice has rivaled ignorance and violence with humor and kindness.

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Major Art Works:

Bringing Art to the Streets:

5 ways Jenny Holzer brought art to the streets – List | Tate

American artist Jenny Holzer is best known for her thought-provoking, text-based installations and her creative use of electronic technology. Whether seen on billboards, T-shirts, cups, condoms, or in a gallery, her work asks us to consider the words and messages that surround us in the information age.


Projections – Jenny Holzer

Jenny Holzer

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