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Each of Sherman’s sixty-nine Untitled Film Stills (1977–80), presents a female heroine from a movie we feel we must have seen. Here, she is the pert young career girl in a trim new suit on her first day in the big city. Among the others are the luscious librarian (#13), the chic starlet at her seaside hideaway (#7), the ingenue setting out on life’s journey (#48), and the tough but vulnerable film noir idol (#54). To make the pictures, Sherman herself played all of the roles or, more precisely, played all of the actresses playing all of the roles. In other words, the series is a fiction about a fiction, a deft encapsulation of the image of feminity that, through the movies, took hold of the collective imagination in postwar America—the period of Sherman’s youth, and the crucible of our contemporary culture.

In fact, only a handful of the Untitled Film Stills are modeled directly on particular roles in actual movies, let alone on individual stills of the sort that the studios distribute to publicize their films. All the others are inventive allusions to generic types, and so our sure sense of recognition is all the more telling. It tells us that, knowingly or not, we have absorbed the movie culture that Sherman invites us to examine as a powerful force in our lives.”

The Museum of Modern Art, revised Publication excerpt from The Museum of Modern Art, MoMA Highlights, New York: The Museum of Modern Art, revised 2004, originally published 1999, p. 295.

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Untitled Film Stills. 1977-80 | SEEING THROUGH PHOTOGRAPHS

A Closer Look at Cindy Sherman. Untitled Film Stills. 1977-80For more SEEING THROUGH PHOTOGRAPHS videos:…

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Untitled Film Still #13, 1977 – Cindy Sherman –

‘Untitled Film Still #13’ was created in 1977 by Cindy Sherman in Feminist Art style. Find more prominent pieces of photo at – best visual art database.

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