Rosalie Barrow Edge

Rosalie Barrow Edge (November 3, 1877 – November 30, 1962) was an environmental advocate, New York socialite, suffragist, and amateur birdwatcher who in 1929 established the Emergency Conservation Committee to expose the conservation establishment’s ineffectiveness, and strongly advocate for species preservation. In 1934 Edge also founded the world’s first preserve for birds of prey — Hawk Mountain Sanctuary near Kempton, Pennsylvania. During the Great Depression, Edge was considered the United States’ most militant conservationist (Hawk of Mercy). In 1948, a profile of her in The New Yorker described her as “the only honest, unselfish, indomitable hellcat in the history of conservation” (New Yorker, April 17, 1948).

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How Ms. Edge Saved Birds:

How Mrs. Edge Saved the Birds

One frosty October morning, I climbed a winding mile-long path to the North Lookout at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in Eastern Pennsylvania. Laurie Goodrich, the director of conservation science, was already on watch, staring down the ridge as a chilly wind swept in from the northwest.

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary:

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Hawk Mountain Sanctuary is a landmark in the American conservation movement. In the 85 years since its inception, Hawk Mountain has welcomed and educated thousands of visitors. The Sanctuary was founded in 1934 by Rosalie Edge, a conservationist who saw the impact of overzealous raptor hunting on the Kittatinny Ridge.

Amazing Role Model for Women:

Amazing Role Model for Women Worldwide: The Triumph of Rosalie Edge

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary’s founder Rosalie Edge is an excellent role model for women and conservationists alike. In this video, her granddaughter Deborah Edge…

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