Kate Sessions

Katherine Olivia “Kate” Sessions (November 8, 1857 – March 24, 1940) was an American botanisthorticulturalist, and landscape architect closely associated with San Diego, California, and known as the “Mother of Balboa Park.”

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“It is in Balboa Park that the legacy of Kate Sessions is most obvious. She leased land in what was then called “City Park” in 1892 for a nursery. For this privilege, she was to plant one hundred trees a year in the park and furnish three hundred more for planting throughout the city. In 1902 she was instrumental in the formation of the park Improvement Committee with her friends George Marston and Mary B. Coulston. Their work resulted in assuring the park’s place in the life of the community.”

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Produced in partnership with the San Diego Tourism Authority. I don’t know how many cities employ their own pipe organist, but I know the new organist in San Diego has flair. Raúl Prieto Ramírez is wearing bright red pants, a magenta shirt, and high-heeled white shoes. In other words, you can’t miss him.

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